Spring-Summer 15 collection

THE NINES' team proudly presents its new spring – summer 2015 collection of tiespocket squares and bow ties available in their different lines. You’ll find that with our bright and vivid colours we count on a gentle climate but also on the return of printed silk and the boost of mixed materials such as silk and linen or cotton.

The BEACH SUMMER collection
Printed silk and estival colours

This collection cries out for sun and holidays and is at the same time composed of printed silk ties with festival patterns such as the series “surfboards”, original but in terms of size discreet patterns such as “skulls” or irregular false mono-colour patterns which we’ve already proposed in darker nuances last winter and which enjoyed a vivid success. A selection of light ties invites you to travel.


Here is a selection of 3 ties of the Beach Summer collection

SS15 Cravate RougeSS15 Cravate BleuSS15 Cravate Orange

The opinion of Renaud, co-founder of THE NINES

Relatively discrete patterns allow you to easily match originality with your elegant look: the detail will only be visible to those who get closest to you! You can hardly recognise the tiny bandaged skull on the Saint-Domingo IV tie which from further away just looks like a geometric pattern.

L'avis de Renaud

For a few seasons now, printed silk ties have been progressively coming back, having been very fashionable until the early 90’s when they were progressively replaced by more discrete ties. The silk twill on which the ink is fixed reflects the light perfectly and therefore especially suits bright costumes.

The PASTEL collection
soft colours and light materials

The revival of the tie these past years is doubtless linked to the boost of new mixed compositions like the mix of silk and cotton and linen as a part of the spring-summer collections. The ties are less silky and regular, more structured. We’ve chosen to propose these series in soft colours to wear on fine days.

SS15 Collection Pastel

Here is a selection of 3 ties from the collection PASTEL & light materials

SS15 Cravate bleue PastelSS15 Cravate Pastel OrangeSS15 Cravate Verte Pastel

The opinion of Erwan, co-founder of THE NINES

Make sure you've got a healthy complexion before wearing pastel ties and also wear linen ties carefully because it’s a fibre which easily crinkles compared to silk. Nevertheless, now that you are aware of these pitfalls, go on, these ties are beautiful !

L'avis d'Erwan

For this outfit I decided to marry two similar stripe patterns. In this particular case it’s better not to choose the same width of stripes, to avoid disagreeable visual effects. I’ve chosen a shirt with English collar for the button tab which underlines the tie. You would also notice the possibility of recurrence of colours given by the opposition of the collar’s colour.

The EXECUTIVE collection
correct and sophisticated

Our several years of experience as a specialist of ties taught us a lesson: the fanatics of blue and other dark colours among you are numerous. That’s why we suggest the Executive line which is all about playing with materials and weaving such as plaited silk but also false mono-colours whose original colours allow subtle matches or classic patterns like polka dots or narrow stripes for a fashionable appearance.


Here a selection of 3 ties from the Executive collection

Cravate Slim BleuCravate RougeCravate Rayée

The opinion of Margot, THE NINES’ product chief

Some professions require a strict dress code and audacity is rarely rewarded. Better to choose a silk tie which keeps its structure, and avoid bright colours. It is always easy to choose complementary colours for shirt and suit. When it comes to elegance there is no redundant detail. I would advise you to (discretely) repeat the colour elsewhere in your outfit, for example in your socks and your cufflinks. Choose carefully the width of your matching tie which depends on your own size. Also keep on mind that modern ties got narrow over these last years - the standard of this season is 7 to 7,5 cm and a slim silhouette can easily go down to 5 cm.

L'avis de Margot

I’ve chosen a plaited silk tie which picks up the caviar weaving of my jacket. The plaited weaving is particularly interesting because it offers material and a good hand to the tie. Be careful, plaited silk is achieved by interweaving the silk threads: this weaving is much more fragile than the reps weaving or the satin weaving, a sharp nail can easily pull out a thread. In terms of colour, I’ve chosen to go with an emerald green, colour of hope and spring. It’s at the same time a cheerful and less “easy” colour which can nevertheless be easily worn in a professional context.

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