Petrol Blue Bow tie with Waves Pattern in Japanese Cotton The Nines

Petrol Blue Bow tie with Waves Pattern in Japanese Cotton. Originally called Seigaiha, which means “Blue sea and waves”, The Nines combines this ancestral pattern with 100% Japanese cotton in order to offer you a high quality and trendy product.

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Handmade in Italy.

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Width: 6 cm. Length: 11,5 cm


100% Japanese Cotton.

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The Japanese cotton appeared in the 16th century: easier to grow and more affordable than traditional Japanese silk, it is also much more resistant.

Compared to the usual Japanese fabrics such as hemp or ramie, the Japanese cotton is distinguished by its softness and more pleasant touch.

The Nines offers you bow ties, ties and pocket squares made of 100% Japanese cotton, all handcrafted in Italy.


The development of Japanese cotton has contributed to the emergence of Japanese patterns, each of which has a meaning and is inspired by the patterns of Indian silk.

We have selected the most popular geometric patterns: Seigaiha: literally means blue wave of the sea. Its name comes from the traditional Japanese dance "Seigaiha". When the dancers slowly swung their arms, the movement of their kimono was similar to that of the waves. Asanoha: a Japanese ancestral pattern meaning hemp leaf (asa = hemp, ha = leaf). It is the most widespread pattern in Japan.

We have accessories, hand-crafted in Italy, with Japanese patterns that will delight your wardrobe. Bring an original and graphical touch to your style by adopting the Japanese pattern! It can be easily combined with a suit and a plain shirt.< /p>

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Our accessories are made by hand in a renowned Italian workshop in Lombardy known for its proven expertise.

The silk is woven in Como in one of the oldest silk-weaving establishments in Italy, a passionate family company with unique expertise.

In order to offer you high quality accessories, we use only fine natural materials such as silk, cotton, linen and wool.

The unique expertise of our workshops enables us to guarantee impeccably high quality, as the smallest details are subjected to the most rigorous checks.


At The Nines, our main concern is to sell quality products at the right price.

On this principle, we work directly with our manufacturers, which enables us to cut out the logistics costs associated with middlemen, in contrast to traditional brands. Similarly, by reducing marketing costs as well as the profit margin we make on the accessories or shirt, we are able to produce a high quality accessories at a reasonable price.

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